Monday, January 31, 2011

Epad 10.2 review

Hi there!
it's time to review my newest gadget: the Android Epad 10.2"

As the name says, it is a iPad-clone with a slightly bigger screen (10.2") and running Android 2.1.
Here is a image of how it looks like in the commercial:

And here is another image of it, take with my digital camera: 

It is pretty hard to get it on camera, but this is, how the home screen looks like.
The Epad has a 1GHz ARM processor like the iPad, but it has a resistive touchscreen with 1024x600 pixels resolution, but unlike the iPad, it can be used with a pen or gloves.

 Here are some photos of the interfaces:

The internet connectivity is done via WiFi or an external USB surf stick.
It has two gigabytes of internal NAND flash and can use TransFlash aka µSD cards.
The PC data connection is done with a mini-USB cable, here called OTG.
You can charge the internal LiIon accumulator by applying 9VDC to the DC-terminal or simply using the included charger.
I was surprised by the rather high audio quality of the 3.5 mm output, even though the internal speakers are crap.  
You can connect it to a LAN with the included adapter, which looks like this:


The operating system is Android 2.1.
I like it, being small and fast.
It loads almost every website, even though it can't do every kind of script.
You can use it to view videos on YouTube, to watch DVDs (even via an external USB DVD drive!) or blogging on BlogSpot, as I'm doing now.

The virtual keyboard is a bit hard to use (You have to leave your hand some milimeters above the touchscreen and pull down the fingers separately), but you can use an USB keyboard.
If you want to exchange data without using a mini-USB cable, just do it using a µSD card. 

Some applications some exist in the Android Market, some you have to code on your own.
But hey, the Android SDK is free, so ain't it a great platform for mobile hacking?
I just need a compiler that runs directly on it.

You can pick these tablets up on ebay for about 200€ for a brand-new one or find it for the same price in other internet stores.
Finally, I would say, it's really a great gadget with much functionality for low price.

 I hope you liked this review!

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  1. Hi there Apex, any chance get a little bit more info on the screen ? I know it's resistive, but how does it actually feel ?