Saturday, January 14, 2012

System engineering the life, the universe and everything!

ATTENTION: This post was written in a phase of general anger and disagreement with a normal person. If you consider yourself easy to be offended, maybe you shouldn't read the text below...

As you might have experienced, it is quite easy to tell apart "nerds" from "normal people" by just comparing their sight on life, the universe and everything.
A simple explanation to the rather extremous views of some would be that they think too much about software and to less about real life, but in reality, nerds only use their knowledge on software and logic structures to understand their surroundings.
It might no be true for everyone, but the further you go into logic structures, the more likely you will recognize them in the real life. Many thing just demand you to think about them. Take for example the placement of a banana in a fridge. A normal person would just stuff it somewhere, where enough space is free, but I would place it in the highest point available, because too low temperatures would destroy the flavor of the fruit. What might be seen as an exaggerated and overcomplicated use of thermal physics (cold air goes downwards), is for people like me just a milisecond of thought. Also other situations in everyday life like conversation are handled like this. Why do I instantly have an opinion on mostly everything I get to know? Well, because I can't help but seeing it as a logic process.
Why do I hate DMTF tones? Because they are not in harmony.
Many people would think about this and come to the conclusion, that I see everything as a scientific problem, but that is not true.
I live my life as I do without feeling like solving equations and stuff.
I am able to do these thing without noticing and because I don't have to think about everything I do (it is done in the background and it does not take hours) I can live more satisfied than someone thinking about simple questions all the time.
This can sometimes lead to problems as some people aren't able to talk about other things than their limited problems.
I don't like complaining about what is existing. I like DOING CHANGE things.
Same thing applies to our politicians. Oh god, we have a decrease in tax income. Oh my god, our roads are getting broken. While a normal nerd would just come up with a soulition these people just keep on complaining.
Here in Germany, you can see nerds getting into politics and I'm sure you can see it in other places too, but politics is not enough. We need to convince other people to stop coplaining and start DOING.
If you come to the conclusion, that there is a problem with your life, then get solving it and don't waste time complaining.
That is the reason, why we act differently!


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  2. Nice article. The reason I like it is because it shows the problems of "being a nerd" quite well.

    You are not better than the people who are thinking about "limited problems" you may have only seen that in Germany, but it is not everywhere in the world like that.

    Don't get me wrong I really apreciated your articel, just please go traveling for a year or so (different countries and meet loads (!) of different type of people) and you'll gonna grow a huge empathy which will make it easier to feel the way "not-nerds" do.

    And no there are not No-Lifers. And no you can not live without them. You will depend on them till a certain point of life.